Integrating ASL in the Classroom

Jenning Prevatte, M. Ed.

Learning American Sign Language (ASL) is easy, fun, and has multiple benefits for hearing children! Early childhood educators provide the gift of the third largest language in the U.S., ASL! Integrating ASL enhances your teaching practice and children’s language skills. This versatile teaching strategy supports whole-body learning with hearing children, English language learners, & children with exceptionalities. Not only are you supporting multilanguage education, but you are also supporting development in all other domains. Integrating ASL into your early childhood classroom is by far the best and most versatile teaching strategy, in my opinion.

A versatile teaching strategy supports whole-body learning.

So, where to start? I have created an eLearning course to support early childhood educators in integrating ASL into their classrooms. I provide the science behind why this strategy is so versatile, ways to incorporate it into your classroom and teach you 100 critical early childhood words in ASL! Sure, you can learn ASL by watching YouTube videos. Still, I’ve learned that just adding ASL into your teaching practice without genuinely understanding the why behind your choice is not always the best teaching decision, especially when families or administrators start asking questions. You need to understand and articulate the science behind your decision. That is what makes taking a course so valuable. 

Taking the course Using American Sign Language in the Classroom can help you easily integrate ASL into your Classroom and have the fundamental scientific knowledge and understanding to communicate it to families and administrators to gain their support. Children learn ASL more efficiently and with less frustration when everyone is supportive and involved. 

Plus, you can gain this quality understanding in as little as 6 hours. 

Our eLearning course is only $57 for a limited time at and includes three 2-hour professional learning certificates.

Still, looking for more? Here are five tips for integrating ASL into your classroom.

In my eLearning course, Using American Sign Language (ASL) in the Classroom, you will learn even more about why and how to integrate ASL into your classroom. 

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Are you looking for ASL resources to add to your classroom? 

Our sister company, Sprouting New Beginnings, has over 70 American Sign Language resources designed to support teachers in providing fun and engaged learning opportunities. 

Our resources are on Teachers Pay Teachers; many are under $7! 

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