Now is the Time to Integrate American Sign Language (ASL) into your Classroom!

Jenning Prevatte, M. Ed.

My goal in early learning is to support and enhance early language, literacy, and cognitive skills for children to be school and life ready. Over the last 20 years, I've used multiple strategies to support young children in learning essential skills like communicating their feelings, reading, writing, and developing problem-solving skills. My go-to strategy to help young children's overall development has always been using ASL. I use ASL and play in the classroom to support the whole child, every child. When professionals enter the child's world of learning, play, and imagination, the child blossoms with more confidence to explore. And isn't that what we want for our children?

Did you know that using ASL in your classroom to support these essential early learning skills builds a strong foundation for life-long learning? 

Research shows that ASL enhances pre-literacy skills and helps build the bridge of communication with pre-verbal children. Plus, it is an effective intervention model for developing pre-literacy skills and supports English Language Learners. In addition, research suggests that using ASL to teach the alphabet, as well as using ASL to teach vocabulary during reading instruction, is beneficial for all learners and stimulates and increases brain growth. What I love the most is ASL is readily incorporated into all aspects of the classroom to support all learning domains – language, cognitive, motor, social, and emotional development.

You may be asking; how do I learn ASL? I have created a course that teaches early childhood educators ways to use ASL to support early learning by integrating ASL into the classroom. I provide the science behind why this strategy is so versatile, ways to incorporate it into your classroom and teach you 100 CRITICAL Early Childhood words in ASL!

ASL is the most versatile strategy to support language development. I aim to support every early childhood educator in implementing this fantastic strategy in their classroom. It benefits communication, literacy skills, and all other cognitive, motor, adaptive, social, and emotional learning domains. 

Now is a perfect time to learn how to integrate ASL into your teaching practice. ASL is the third largest language in the United States and is easily incorporated into children's daily routines, making it a highly versatile strategy to support child development. Learn how to build a bridge of communication with the children you work with while promoting a solid literacy foundation for their future. Incorporate ASL into your curriculum by taking Teach Brilliantly's Building Bridges with ASL course. 

In only 6 hours, you can enhance children's connections to language, reading, writing, and speaking. 

Already using ASL and want to dig deeper? Our eLearning course is still an excellent course for you. You learn strategies to enhance language and literacy with all children in the course. 

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Why ASL? Ultimately, it brings the language alive! For the whole child-every child!

Are you looking for ASL resources to add to your Classroom? Our sister company Sprouting New Beginnings has over 80 ASL resources to support teachers in providing fun and engaging learning opportunities. Many of our resources are on Teachers Pay Teachers; many are under $10!

Always remember!

You are talented! You are brilliant!

You connect, engage, and inspire the future!