Enhance Your Teaching

Jenning Prevatte, M. Ed.

I am a lifelong learner and what some would call an education geek! I love spending my summers reading a variety of educational texts. Last summer, I aimed to enrich my teaching strategies and model high-quality lesson planning for my Teacher Education students. So, I picked up one of my ASCD Member Books, Understanding by Design Meets Neuroscience, by Jay McTighe and Judy Willis. I started reading to identify gems to add to my teaching practice and share with my students.

If you know me, I love learning about the brain! Understanding and utilizing elements from neuroscience is a critical aspect of teaching. For instance, this gem from Understanding by Design Meets Neuroscience, “Academic effort can be stimulated by tapping into the brain’s programming to focus attention and apply effort when pleasure is the anticipated expectation.” (McTighe & Willis, 2019) We know students are more successful if learning is enjoyable, but this information explains why and how. Gem #1, engage dopamine-reward response to increase motivation to learn.

The book, Understanding by Design Meets Neuroscience by Jay McTighe and Judy Willis is filled with lots of gems. Some of my favorites are as follows:

I highly recommend this book. It builds on neuroscience and informs the reader with knowledge of understanding by design elements and brain-friendly strategies to enhance your teaching. It is filled with examples of teaching strategies that can be added to all classrooms at all levels. I hope you found it as valuable as I did.

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