What I'm Reading Now

"...adults can't guide students in social and emotional learning if the adults are burned out, disengaged, and ineffective!" (Kise & Holm, 2022) 


I couldn't agree more! I also believe educators struggle to build positive and healthy relationships with learners if adults are burned out. I'm excited to read this book to learn how to increase my bandwidth. 


This book includes 11 chapters and 179 pages with lots of resources. 



Start with the Brain Energy and Bandwidth Survey online at www.ascd.org/educator-bandwidth-survey

Teach Brilliantly aims to empower teachers, families, and communities by creating constructive interaction to support wellness and education by providing coaching, consulting, resources, and eLearning courses on innovative teaching strategies. Here is a list of our favorite book recommendations to support the ever-growing knowledge of child development, teaching, and brain science.  We hope you find these as valuable as we did. 

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