Teach Brilliantly

Teaching requires a kind heart, a growth mindset, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a brilliant teacher. 

Every great classroom begins with a great teacher leading the charge.

Hello Brilliant Teacher!  

Well, I want to share a little secret with you...

Actually...Three Secrets to Teaching Brilliantly

In all my teaching experiences, the significance of my teaching success can be summed up into three critical aspects: mindsets, relationships, and structure. The strength of being a brilliant teacher comes from You and Your ability to Connect, Inspire, and Engage your students in learning.  

The Three Secrets to Teaching Brilliantly are to:  

The future of education must include teachers who teach with compassion, teach from a strength-based perspective, and engage in equity-mindedness

Jenning Prevatte, M. Ed.

Elevate your Teaching to Pure Brilliance! Connect, Engage, & Inspire
brilliant teaching and learning!

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Teach Brilliantly advocates for a holistic approach to teaching that implements the Three Secrets to Teaching Brilliantly to enhance self-efficacy, resilience, and knowledge of effective teaching to provide the best learning environments for learners. 

We offer enriching content that strengthens educators' teaching practice and personal growth through effective teaching methods that Connect, Engage, and Inspire Brilliant Teaching and Learning.