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As an education professional, you have the power to connect, engage, and inspire students with your compassion and understanding. Teaching requires a kind heart, a growth mindset, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a brilliant teacher. Every great classroom begins with a great teacher leading the charge.


Teach Brilliantly advocates for a holistic approach to teaching that includes enhancing self-efficacy, resilience, knowledge of effective teaching, and, ultimately, for teachers to care for themselves and provide their students with the best environments. 

We believe that to be a brilliant teacher, one must have these elements work in complete synergy to connect, engage, and inspire our field. We have curated our favorite items on the following pages to support your important work. Whether you're looking to update your learning environment, encourage your students, or find inspiration, we've got you covered.

Teach Brilliantly aims to empower teachers, families, and communities by creating constructive interaction to support wellness and education by providing coaching, consulting, resources, and eLearning courses on innovative teaching strategies. Here is a list of our favorite book recommendations to support the ever-growing knowledge of child development, teaching, and brain science.  

We hope you find these as valuable as we did. As an Amazon Associate, we earn a commission from qualifying purchases through these affiliate links. This is, of course, at no additional cost to you, and we only share products we use and love. Thank you! 

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