Greetings! I'm Jenning Prevatte,
a mother of two, an Associate Professor of Education, and the Teaching and Learning Center Co-Director at 
Red Rocks Community College in Colorado.

I am also an advocate for strength-based and
equity-minded teaching practices!

Jenning Prevatte, M.Ed.
Teaching Strategies 

I love being a teacher! I have a Master's in Special Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education (ECE) from Arizona State University. (Go Devils!)


My passion is to support educators through sharing resources and providing coaching services to empower them to design and lead brilliant learning experiences. 


My story...

I love teaching! It is my calling. But my journey didn't start as a little girl playing school with her dolls. No. I was not a fan of school. It was boring, and I never connected with my teachers. Some I disliked so much that I would choose to be a challenge in class by talking and distracting others. I was a disengaged learner; I went through the motions of school because that was what I had to do. Until I went to college. I took an educational psychology class and fell in love with it! I was hooked! I realized school didn't have to be disengaging, tedious, and confusing. NO! It could be interesting, creative, and FUN! 

Over my 20 years in teaching, I have studied deeply about the art and science of teaching and learning. My mission has always been to be the best teacher I could be for the most challenging learners in my class. I've learned that it takes more than subject matter expertise or a toolbox of effective teaching strategies. Yes! Those are essential, but it takes more! Brilliant teaching is about connecting, engaging, and inspiring learners by embracing the three secrets – resilient mindsets, collaborative & compassionate relationships, and clear structure and organization.   

My goal is to support You in elevating your teaching to pure BRILLIANCE!

Don't hesitate to contact us for individual coaching and consulting 

Teach Brilliantly advocates for a holistic approach to teaching that implements the Three Secrets to Teach Brilliantly to enhance 

self-efficacy, resilience, and knowledge of effective teaching to provide the 

best learning environments for learners.

Jenning was awarded the Red Rocks Community College 2021 Student Voice Endowed Teaching Chair. "It was a great honor to win this award and have the opportunity to highlight effective teaching strategies that positively impact equity and inclusion for all students." With this esteem recognition, she spearheaded the development of a teaching and learning center at RRCC and expanded Professional Learning Communities (PLC).  She is now the Teaching and Learning Center Co-Director at Red Rock Community College.

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