Jenning A Prevatte, M.Ed.

Greetings! I'm Jenning Prevatte, a mother of two and an Associate Professor of Teacher Education at 

Red Rocks Community College in Colorado.

I'm also the Co-Director of its Teaching and Learning Center.
Teaching Strategies 

As a former early childhood teacher, I have a Master’s in Special Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education (ECE) from Arizona State University. (Go Devils!) 


I love supporting educators and providing coaching and consulting services through Teach Brilliantly.  


Teach Brilliantly advocates for a holistic approach to teaching that includes enhancing self-efficacy, resilience, and knowledge of effective teaching to provide the best learning environments in Early Childhood Education and Care and in Higher Education. 

Why Focus Only on ECE and Higher Education? 

Simple, these are the two areas of education that traditionally lack formalized training in teaching and learning. To teach in ECE or Higher Education a teacher isn’t required to have formal education and licensure like a K-12 teacher. 

Instead, they enter the field with a desire to teach and, in Higher Education, be a subject matter expert. In my 20 years of experience working in these two education arenas, I have seen teachers struggle to teach effectively, mainly because of a lack of foundational knowledge of effective teaching practices.  


Teach Brilliantly’s goal is to support ECE and Higher Education teachers to gain essential skills and knowledge to build their capacity to provide inclusive and effective learning environments through simple, effective, evidence-based practices.  

The future of education must include teachers who teach with compassion, teach from a strength-based perspective, and
engage in equity-mindedness.

 ~Jenning Prevatte  

Jenning has been a proud presenter at the following conferences...

Head Start
Early Head Start
Dept of Education

Jenning was awarded the Red Rocks Community College 2021 Student Voice Endowed Teaching Chair. "It was a great honor to win this award and have the opportunity to highlight effective teaching strategies that positively impact equity and inclusion for all students." With this esteem recognition, she spearheaded the development of a teaching and learning center at RRCC and expanded Professional Learning Communities (PLC).  She is now the Teaching and Learning Center Co-Director at Red Rock Community College.

I'm Writing a Book!
I'm excited to announce I'm writing a book!

 Effective Teaching in Higher Education:
Moving Beyond a Subject Matter Expert

In this book, I will share creative solutions, best practices, and lessons learned from 20 years of teaching.


Topics will include:

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