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Teaching Brilliantly is a concept that promotes engaging in practices that empower you to teach and live a balanced and brilliant life so that you can create effective learning environments for students. We advocate for creating learning environments promoting a growth mindset, belonging, and connecting to nature. 

Connecting with nature has been shown to impact human well-being positively. Studies have found that exposure to nature can help reduce stress, anger, and fear while increasing positive emotions such as calmness, inspiration, and cognitive engagement. PLUS, there are multiple physical benefits. Overall, connecting with nature can positively impact both emotional and physical well-being.

 On this page, we have curated items that support you in creating a learning environment that promotes wellness and connection to nature. We highly recommend bringing live plants into the classroom or your workspace. If you can't, then we recommend the second-best thing: faux plants. They look so real nowadays. 

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We advocate creating a learning environment that promotes wellness and connection to nature through sounds, plants, visual inspiration, and senses. These products are some of our favorite additions to any classroom. Choose ones that inspire you!