Connect, Engage, and Inspire

The future of education must include teachers who teach with compassion, teach from a strength-based perspective, and engage in equity-mindedness.

Over the last 20 years, I have had the privilege of working in multiple levels of education; early childhood education, elementary education, and higher education. This experience has taught me that being a brilliant teacher does not happen overnight. 

Teaching is a holistic adventure! It requires self-efficacy, resilience, knowledge, understanding, and critical dispositions to provide the best environments for learning. Educators must teach brilliantly so learners can learn brilliantly! 

My goal is to share my experience and evidence-based practices that connect the heart of teaching and the knowledge of sound teaching principles to enhance learning environments for all learners. Education builds bridges, and I look forward to connecting, engaging, and inspiring the education field. 

You are talented! You are brilliant! You connect, engage, and inspire the future! Always remember!

Teach Brilliantly!


Jenning has been a proud presenter at the following conferences...

Head Start
Early Head Start
Arizona AEYC

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